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Services we provide to our Customers

  • Temp to Hire - Allows you to make sure the employee is a good fit for your company.
  • Temporary Service - Allows you find people to help you expand your work force to complete projects.
  • Payrolling - Allows you to recruit personnel and not have to place on your payroll until you feel they are right for you.
  • Direct Hire - We recruit personnel for you to buy out directly from our company to become your employee immediately.


Helpful for tips for selecting a Staffing Service

    When selecting a staffing service, whether ours or someone else's, make sure they meet the following criteria to ensure that you receive excellent service.

    ASA OR TAS MEMBER: Does the temporary service belong to the American Staffing Association or the Texas Association of Staffing? If it does, then it has agreed to adhere to the ASA or TAS Code of Ethics, and has agreed to conform to the highest ethical standards of the industry. 

    TESTING AND EVALUATION: Does the temporary help service test, check references, and interview each new employee? If it does, then the customer is assured that a qualified temporary, properly matched to the job, will be provided.

    RECRUITING AND RETENTION PROGRAM: Does the temporary help service have a program to recruit the best-qualified temporaries and that encourages them to work longer? If it does, then the customer will be sent temporaries that are productive and professional.

    PROFESSIONAL PERMANENT STAFF: Does the temporary help service have a professional permanent staff? If it does, then the customer is assured of consistent service because of the continuity of relationship and the understanding of with the customers' and temporaries' needs.

    PROMPT SERVICE: Does the temporary help service have a policy to confirm promptly its ability to provide a qualified temporary as requested? If it does, the customer is better assured of receiving temporary help on short notice in rush or emergency situations.

    QUALITY CONTROL: Does the temporary help service have formalized policies and procedures to evaluate each temporary's performance on each assignment? If it does, then the customer can play a role in making certain that it receives only the most professional help available.

    INSURANCE PROTECTION: Does the temporary help service provide a broad range of insurance coverage? If it does, then the customer is assured that they are properly protected from loss and/or liability.

    GUARANTEE: Does the temporary help service guarantee the satisfactory performance of every temporary assigned? If it does, the customer is assured of receiving and paying only for work professional done.

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